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The boom of new technology has affected the world in many aspects. This brought drastic changes to the lives of many people; but most of these changes are for the betterment of their lives.

You have advanced technology to thank for the many comforts that you can now experience. You experience new technology everyday from the moment you wake up and hear your alarm clock ringing. When you step into the bathroom, you turn on the heater, and after that, you wash your face. When you walk into the kitchen to take your breakfast, you can smell the aroma of good food cooking over the stove while your coffee-maker is ready to give you coffee. You can experience technology when you watch television, or when you use your car to drive to the office and grocery store. Technology is part of your life, it’s everywhere you go.

But man didn’t stop there. He continues to explore many things in life that needs improvement. And now the dawn of automation is already at hand. Although it is expensive for most homeowners and because of the increasing number of suppliers of home automation gadgets/devices, the new homes of today can now afford a life of convenience and extra comfort.

Yes, that is true; today, home automation devices are reasonably priced so that even middle class homeowners can afford them. You don’t have to automate your entire household because that will cost you a fortune. But if you start little by little, in just a short time, you can have a fully automated household.

One of the trusted companies in home automation is HAI (Home Automation Inc.). If you want to start home automation, the best way is to begin with your lighting control, and after that, you can work your way up until you finally complete all of your home systems.

Automating your light control is now more affordable and more sophisticated. The smart switches provided by HAI will allow you to set stylish lighting scenes in every room of the house. This can do without rewiring your home and without complex software programs. HAI’s lighting control will instantly work in homes having 120/240v wirings.

HAI’s lighting control consists of the following devices:

  • Switches and dimmers; you can replace your traditional switches with back-lit attractive buttons that your finger tips can control; these switches are easily installed during upgrades, renovations, and retrofits
  • Scene switch; the scene switch will control all the lights in an area or room; you can enjoy four different lighting scenes which can be brightened, dimmed, and turned on/off; these light scenes can be used for aesthetic purposes or for security purposes
  • Status switch; this switch is the master control of all lighting switches and it can show the lighting status of 8 rooms; the switch is custom-engraved which means that you can name the button controls for easy access

Lighting controls by HAI use UPB and are UL-listed which ensures greater reliability. You can expect the system to be 99.9% reliable.

Some homes have three phase systems in which case HAI does not recommend their lighting control unless all control systems in the household are on 120v single phase.

Coming home from work will be more exciting because you can set the right mood for entertaining and dining. You can also create a softly illuminated pathway at night for the kitchen and bathroom; or you can turn the lights on/off at night from one location. Aside from that, you can coordinate the lights for landscaping to add beauty and drama; and you can have your indoor/outdoor lights scheduled for lighting.

The control system can send commands straight to light and scene switches. If you use HAI’s lighting control and home control systems, all the devices will configure automatically without requiring outside software. HAI has hired professionals who can help you in your lighting control system.

HAI’s devices are easy to set up. If you’re planning a simple lighting project, you can actually do it yourself, but if you want, you can live the work to their professionals. Visit their website and know the different products that HAI offers. With HAI, you get only the best for the comfort of your homes.

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